Private Pay Policies

Private Pay Policies

The Chatter Box is currently considered in-network with Cigna, Tricare, Aetna, and Anthem (non HMO plans). Please provide your insurance information and provide a copy of your insurance card, and we will submit for reimbursement. Co-payments and non-covered service fees are due at time of service. Co-insurance fees are collected on a monthly basis for the previous month’s services through a receipt/invoice. Families are required to contact their insurance provider to obtain specifics of their coverage (I.e. allowable visits, covered services, co-payment or co-insurance, etc.).


Rates for Speech, Physical, Occupational,
and Developmental Therapy, Group Services, Tutoring,and Evaluations are 
paid at time of service discount. 


Out-of-Pocket Prices
(pay at time of services)
  • Speech/OT/PT Evaluations: $300
  • Fluency Evaluation: $350
  • Articulation-only Evaluation: $240
  • Documentation fee is included in evaluation cost
  • Evaluations occur on an annual basis

Therapy Services

  • 1 hour of Therapy: $100
  • 45 minutes of Therapy: $75
  • 30 minutes of Therapy: $50
  • Screening Fee: $25 (not billable to insurance)
  • Note: A $30 trip fee applies to single client offsite locations and a $60 trip fee applies for those living outside of Oldham or Jefferson County
  • Developmental Intervention Therapy is not billable to insurance.

Group Services

  • Social Skills group: $75/session
  • Social Skills group for children already enrolled in therapy at The Chatter Box: $60/session
  • Developmental Playgroup: $50/session
  • Neighborhood friend for group: $25/session
  • Note: Group sessions cannot be billed to insurance and they are billed monthly. There is also a 10% sibling discount offered for multiple enrollments in group services.

Preschool Services

  • Tuesday/Thursday 3-year-old class: $2500/year
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning 4-5 year-old class: $4750/year
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday Afternoon 4-5 year-old class: $3562/year

Dyslexia Services

  • Dyslexia Screening: $450
  • 45 minute Tutoring Session: $75
  • Notes: Dyslexia tutoring is not billable to insurance. The screening does not include an educational or cognitive testing to be completed by a psychologist.

Consultative Services & Meetings

  • Billed at therapy session rate
  • Not billable to insurance

Additional Information

  • All charges using a credit card subject to a surcharge of 4%.
  • Payment is due at time of service. We prefer to keep credit card information on file and charge as intervention occurs.
  • Cancellations require 24-hour notice to your therapist to avoid payment.
  • Cancellations under 24-hour notice, other than emergencies, may incur a charge of $25.00.
  • Cancellation of more than 20% of scheduled visits could result in dismissal from services.
  • Unpaid account balances of more than $100 will result in a cessation of services until the account is paid in full.
  • As part of your fees, you will receive a 6-month progress report updating you on your child’s development and plan of treatment. Evaluations are recommended on an annual basis.
  • Off-site therapy sessions must be for a full hour unless at a location with which the Chatter Box has a superseding agreement.