How do I know if my child needs services?

Often, a child’s physician or teacher may voice concerns, or you may have some of your own, but are not sure. You can fill out the parent interview form, found under new client forms, and submit to The Chatter Box. If we see areas of concern, we will contact you with our recommendations.

If my child needs services, how do I proceed?

Please fill out all the new client forms and submit to The Chatter Box. We will contact you regarding setting up the first appointment. You may also call the office if you need further assistance.

Do you serve children of all ages?

We primarily serve children under 10, but do also work with adolescents with reading/writing difficulties or other specified concerns. If your child is under the age of 3, we will refer you to the First Steps Program. First Steps provides early (under 3) intervention in the state of Kentucky to those who qualify. We are happy to serve your child through the First Steps program or privately.

What does therapy look like?

Different types of therapy are approached in a variety of ways. With our younger children, we use play as a tool to achieve successful interventions. We may incorporate movement, games, or a variety of fun strategies to get the optimal results. For our older population, we will engage with higher level games, and other personalized strategies designed for that particular child.

How often do we need to come?

That is different for each family. Based on an evaluative process, your therapist will determine the best treatment course for your child to achieve optimal results. Of course it is ultimately up to the family to decide what fits in with the family schedule, budget, etc. The majority of our therapeutic clients come in weekly, but others come in twice a month, biweekly, etc.  Typically, appointments are made for the same day of the week and time, no matter the frequency. This allows our therapists the most efficient use of their time, but they are as flexible as they can be as well.

Can we get services in our home?

We do provide services in the home.  It is not something we do often, but are willing to do if necessary. We understand the convenience of having someone come and integrate into your family’s schedule. These visits are more costly than our typical sessions. See rate sheet for details.

How long does it take to complete treatment?

It is impossible to predict how long resolving an issue will take. Every child is different, and goes at their own pace. Your therapist may be able to offer an expected time range, but this will only be an educated guess. There are many factors that play a role in expediency of resolution. Does the child do as their therapist suggests at home regarding practice, homework, etc.? Are the visits consistent? Are there contributing factors such as other diagnoses, illness, etc.  Please know, we share your goal of successful completion of services for your child!

What if my child is getting services at their school?

We have many clients who receive services at their school. There are many great providers in our school systems, and we are grateful for them. Families often come to The Chatter Box with the desire to get one on one services. We greatly value the relationship with our clients and families, working as a team to achieve success. We also offer Summer only services for children who receive therapy at school and want to continue when school is not in session.

Do you take private insurance?

The Chatter Box is currently considered out of network for insurance coverage with all insurance companies except Anthem, Cigna and Tricare.  It is our policy to provide parents that have other insurance carriers with the necessary information they need to recoup funds spent on evaluation and intervention services through their out of network benefit.  An invoice/receipt with verification of payment, taxpayer ID, credentials and location of therapist, diagnosis and treatment codes as well as child and family information is provided to the family via email following each therapy visit.  Payment from parents/guardians is due at time of service, with the exception being those families that are with the above mentioned carriers, in which case we will file for insurance reimbursement.   A number of families use their flexible spending and/or health savings accounts for services and we do have the capability to bill those accounts directly.  We strongly recommend that parents verify with their insurance company any deductibles that must be met and annual limits on services, which apply whether a provider is in-network or out.  It has been our experience that, with rising deductibles and increased annual limits on services, many families find direct billing of their HSA or paying out of their flexible spending accounts is easier and , in some cases, more affordable than billing with an in-network provider.  We always encourage families to compare all aspects of services being provided, including rates, before making a decision to work with a specific provider.