Frequently Asked Questions

Often, a child’s physician or teacher may voice concerns, or you may have some of your own, but are not sure. You can fill out the parent interview form, found under new client forms, and submit to The Chatter Box. If we see areas of concern, we will contact you with our recommendations.

Please fill out all the new client forms and submit to The Chatter Box. We will contact you regarding setting up the first appointment. You may also call the office if you need further assistance.

We primarily serve children under 10, but do also work with adolescents with reading/writing difficulties or other specified concerns. If your child is under the age of 3, we will refer you to the Kentucky Early Intervention System. KEIS provides early (under 3) intervention in the state of Kentucky to those who qualify. We are happy to serve your child through the KEIS program or privately

Different types of therapy are approached in a variety of ways. With our younger children, we use play as a tool to achieve successful interventions. We may incorporate movement, games, or a variety of fun strategies to get the optimal results. For our older population, we will engage with higher level games, and other personalized strategies designed for that particular child.

That is different for each family. Based on an evaluative process, your therapist will determine the best treatment course for your child to achieve optimal results. Of course it is ultimately up to the family to decide what fits in with the family schedule, budget, etc. The majority of our therapeutic clients come in weekly, but others come in twice a month or biweekly. This allows our therapists the most efficient use of their time, but they are as flexible as they can be as well.

If availability exists, and payment source allows, children can be seen off-site for a fee.

It is impossible to predict how long resolving an issue will take. Every child is different, and goes at their own pace. Your therapist may be able to offer an expected time range, but this will only be an educated guess. There are many factors that play a role in expediency of resolution. 

We have many clients who receive services at their school. There are many great providers in our school systems, and we are grateful for them. Families often come to The Chatter Box with the desire to get one on one services. We greatly value the relationship with our clients and families, working as a team to achieve success. We also offer Summer only services for children who receive therapy at school and want to continue when school is not in session.

The Chatter Box is currently considered in-network with Cigna, Tricare, Aetna, and Anthem (non HMO plans). Please provide your insurance information and provide a copy of your insurance card, and we will submit for reimbursement. Co-payments and non-covered service fees are due at time of service. Co-insurance fees are collected on a monthly basis for the previous month’s services through a receipt/invoice. Families are required to contact their insurance provider to obtain specifics of their coverage (I.e. allowable visits, covered services, co-payment or co-insurance, etc.).



Dear Chatter Box, I am very grateful for all that you have done to help him with his speech. We could not have done it without you. We will miss your smiling face. Thank you very much. I will definitely keep you posted regarding his progress. Lots of love.

No Words

Chatter Box, there are no words to describe how much my husband and I appreciate all your time, patience and caring ways you have shown my daughter. She has made such great progress over this past year and part of it is because of you and your work with her. She has much more to but she is this far because of all your great therapist. Thank you for everything.

Can’t Thank You Enough

Everyone at The Chatter Box, my husband and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done. Having the chance to come to this playgroup has helped him in so many ways! We are looking forward to see you when my other child is old enough. Thanks!

Because of You

Dear Chatter Box, Just a quick note to thank you for all your help with my son. He has made such huge strides with his speech and development and a big part of it is because of you.

An Awesome Opportunity

Chatter Box, My husband and I would like to thank you and your staff for giving my son the opportunity to come to the Chatter Box and work with him. You guys have helped his speech so much and truly brought out the best in my child. Thanks to you all, his speech has improved and has really increased his vocabulary as well as his social skills. I know he is going to miss seeing you guys. I will speak highly of you and your staff and recommend The Chatter Box! This was an AWESOME opportunity, thanks again.

Special People

Dear Chatter Box, I wanted to thank you so much for the birthday book and especially for the excellent care at The Chatter Box. We really feel it made a big difference in helping her prepare for school. We know she was in great hands and appreciate all the special little things you did to get her involved, participating and so interested. She loved her mornings with you!! We only wish she had started earlier to have more time. We speak highly of you guys to everyone we talk to. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful experience in my child’s development. You are all special people.

Changed His Life

Dear Chatter Box, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing therapy for my son. Because of therapy that was provided, my child is now living a more normal, happy life. Five months ago, before therapy started, my son was a different child. Beyond the fact that we could not understand what he said, he behaved terribly. He threw fits that would last for hours. He banged his head against his hands, me and the wall. I could go on and on about all of the negative behaviors that exhibited. My son and his twin are our first children, so we were unsure if his behavior was the result of “terrible twos” or something worse. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I took him to a ballgame last March. While I struggled to keep him in my lap, he screamed, cried, and banged his head against my chest as hard as he could for almost two hours. I finally called First Steps for help, and found that he was exhibiting behaviors of a child with sensory issues. Being an educator, I was upset with myself for not figuring this out sooner, but decided that we would do whatever needed to be done to help him with the issue. At first, I was unsure of the strategies. They seemed very forceful and direct. As a mother, I really had to move myself out of the way and let the therapist do her job, even in the beginning, I wanted to scoop my baby up and say “forget it”. I am so glad that I got out of the way of my child’s health and happiness. The therapist has worked with my son every week since the end of May, and he truly is a different child. Although he still has moments, he handles situations better, and we know how to help him through rough patches. He is speaking much more clearly and can express his frustrations verbally rather than throwing a fit. I am confident that the time that Alex spent with his therapist has changed his life. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful young lady with our family. Not only is she our therapist she is our friend.