Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy provides intervention aimed at promoting a child’s ability to move, function and participate in all environments. The physical therapist will analyze a child’s movement and perform a physical evaluation to diagnose the source of the child’s movement difficulties. Pediatric physical therapy promotes independence, facilitates motor development, improves strength, balance, endurance and eases challenges with daily caregiving.

While some children may reach different milestones slightly earlier or later than others, a significant delay may indicate your child could benefit from pediatric physical therapy.  A pediatric physical therapist can help your child reach developmental milestones by planning gross motor activities for them to practice. Through prescribed physical therapy play activities, your child can improve their motor skills and reach developmental milestones they may need support with.



Pediatric physical therapists can help children with balance by designing and implementing a program that improves muscle strength, flexibility, and balance reactions.  Balance training may include progressively challenging the visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems using play, functional, or task-specific activities statically or dynamically.  PT’s utilize a variety of equipment to improve balance that may include but is not limited to balance boards, discs, therapy balls, foam pads, playground equipment, gross-motor games, weights, theraband.  

Developmental Gross Motor Delays


Developmental delays occur when children don’t reach certain milestones within an expected time frame. From birth and throughout childhood, children gradually develop skills such as the following:

  • Lifting and supporting their own heads
  • Rolling
  • Reaching
  • Sitting up without assistance
  • Crawling
  • Pulling themselves up
  • Placing weight on their legs to stand
  • Walking along while holding onto furniture
  • Walking independently
  • Holding their own bottles, feeding themselves finger foods and using utensils
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Catching and throwing

Physical Therapists

Lori Gentner


Lori Gentner


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Out-of-Pocket Prices
(pay at time of services)
  • Speech/OT/PT Evaluations: $300
  • Fluency Evaluation: $350
  • Articulation-only Evaluation: $240
  • Documentation fee is included in evaluation cost
  • Evaluations occur on an annual basis

Therapy Services

  • 1 hour of Therapy: $100
  • 45 minutes of Therapy: $75
  • 30 minutes of Therapy: $50
  • Screening Fee: $25 (not billable to insurance)
  • Note: A $30 trip fee applies to single client offsite locations and a $60 trip fee applies for those living outside of Oldham or Jefferson County
  • Developmental Intervention Therapy is not billable to insurance.